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We promote the art of looking and feeling good not only in special events but always. Our image speaks for us.



Short, medium or long hair. Includes ironing

U$ 9,5  (COP 30.000)

Hair Cut for Lady

The best style according to hair type, curly, wavy or smooth and face shape, whether oval, round, square or triangular.

U$ 6,5  (COP 20.000)

Hair Cut for Men

Includes shaving and beard trim.

U$ 9,5  (COP 30.000)

Hair Dyeing & Lighting

Application of the product. Includes blower. It does not include the cost of the product which varies according to the amount of hair.

U$ 17,5  (COP 55.000)


Traditional Manicure

With high quality nail polish. Includes hydration and hand massage.

U$ 6,5  (COP 20.000)


It includes exfoliation, hydration and foot massage.

U$ 8  (COP 25.000)

Manicure & Pedicure

Traditional style without decoration.

U$ 13  (COP 40.000)

Decoration for each nail

To look fashionable.
U$ 1  (COP 3.000)

Semipermanent Manicure

It lasts 3 weeks.
U$ 18  (COP 55.000)


Day Social Makeup

Foundation makeup, eye shadows, eyeliners and blushes, all of high quality.
U$ 23  (COP 70.000)

Night Social Makeup

Includes false eyelashes.
U$ 26  (COP 80.000)

Eyelash Extension

Small synthetic hairs that adhere hair to hair on each of your natural lashes. They last a month and a half.

U$ 39  (COP 120.000)

Hair Removal

Eyebrows and mustaches

Shape your eyebrows with precision without accelerating the drooping of the eyelid. It does not cause pain, it removes the hair from the root.

U$ 19  (COP 60.000)

Complete Hair Removal for Women

Includes armpits, abdomen, bikini and legs.

U$ 24  (COP 75.000)

Back or Abdomen Hair Removal for Men

U$ 18  (COP 55.000)

Hair & Makeup Packages

Look radiant on those special dates.


It is about making you shine, that you feel like the best version of you but that your shine does not compete with that of your accessories, you will highlight that day!

Bride only services 

Include blower, hairstyle, makeup, manicure & pedicure.  U$ 48  (COP 150.000)

Wedding parties

Include blower, makeup & manicure.   U$ 30  (COP 95.000)


Include hair cut, beard & manicure.   U$ 16  (COP 50.000)

Events & Conventions

Business roundtables, congresses, conferences, meetings, interviews … there is no second chance to make a good first impression.


Services for ladies

Include blower, makeup & manicure.  U$ 28  (COP 85.000)

Services for gentlemen

Include hair cut, beard & manicure.   U$ 16  (COP 50.000)

Glamour & Custom Makeup

Parties, plays, characters for movies or television … more than a professional, they require a makeup artist.

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"The passage of time wrinkles our face, subtracts physical energy, whitens our hair, but our interior goes in the opposite direction, it gets richer"

"To accept ourselves is to value our imperfections and feel at peace"

Our body is the temple of our spirit and is the vehicle we have in the journey of our life.

"We discover a deep beauty in people when we observe them with the eyes of the heart"

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