Hair Cut for Lady



The best style according to hair type, curly, wavy or smooth and face shape, whether oval, round, square or triangular.

Hair washing not included.

Service time: 30 minutes.



Hair is very important in our personal image because it says a lot about what we want to transmit to others. In women and men it is also a special hallmark of personality. The hair is so linked to the impression that the face produces, that we can not leave it aside. That is why the hair is the frame of the face and should be enhanced.

Hair plays a very important role in our appearance, so having the right haircut is essential. Although no haircut can be suitable for all people, you can find one that is right for you. Not everyone has the time or patience to dry their hair and shape it with beauty products and tools. A haircut should highlight your features and frame your face in a complementary way. A change in haircut can provide a much needed boost to our appearance and self-esteem.

Cutting the hair frequently, at least every three months, helps to eliminate the double tips and to finish with the tips damaged by the colorations or environmental factors such as sun and pollution. The recommendable thing is to renew the cut every 90 days, to eliminate the double tips that can damage the appearance of the wicks. Those who have hair with chemical treatments, such as colorations or permanent smoothing, need extra care, it is preferable to cut their ends every 60 days.


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