Hair Dyeing and Lighting



Application of the product. Includes blower. It does not include the cost of the product which varies according to the amount of hair.

Service time: 2 hours.



One of the advantages of modifying hair color is that it is a simple and non-invasive way to change and improve our appearance. If they are sticking some gray hair and want to look younger, if you prefer to look redhead or blonde instead of brunette, if you want to surprise … The dyes give you the ability to change at a low cost and in a way almost completely reversible. In addition, they give the natural hair a new depth, shine and volume, leaving it with a radiant and rich appearance to the natural tones of the skin.

In general, it is advised to stay within the original tones, since it is a change that takes less time and gives a more natural and credible image. In addition, generally, natural tones are also the healthiest for the hair because they need less harmful procedures and chemicals.

For example, if you have brown skin, your hair ranges from medium brown to dark black. So, the best tones for you are those of the honey range for lighter hair, and chocolates for the darker ones. Some reddish ones, in particular chestnuts and burgundies, can also be flattering.


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